Barriers to Scholarly Publishing Among Library and Information Science Researchers: International Perspectives

Abstract The 21 authors of this study, 19 of whom are non-native English speakers, reflect on the barriers to publishing academic journal articles in top international journals. Each author responded to the same set of questions pertaining to educational (PhD) opportunities for emerging scholars, financial conditions for researchers, and challenges in publishing their work. Limited English language skills, lack of research funding, and different research topics were identified as the most significant barriers to publish in the journals.

The changing roles of librarians: Managing emerging technologies in libraries

Abstract This chapter presents an overview of the changing roles of an academic liaison librarian who is also popularly known as liaison librarian or subject librarian or subject specialist. The major activities which are being performed by a liaison librarian have been categorized. Further, the skills and competencies required by a liaison librarian to perform the activities have been summarized.

Research Evaluation of Computer Science Departments: A Cohort Study of Indian Central Universities

Abstract Purpose: Social interaction applications and reference tools are actively used by researchers to share and manage their research publications. Thus, this paper aims to determine the scholarly impact of selected Indian central universities. Design/methodology/approach: This study analyzed 669 articles having both Dimensions citations and Altmetric attention scores published by 35 Indian central universities for 4 subfields of Computer Science using Altmetric Explorer. This paper determined each university’s contribution in the studied subfields of Computer Science and the correlation among Altmetric attention score (aggregated and individual), Dimensions citation, and Mendeley readership counts for all 669 articles and stratified percentile sets of top 25%, and top 50% of the overall number of articles.