My portfolio includes books that I have authored or edited, as well a collection of online educational resources and software I have created or contributed to.

Written by Dr. Manika Lamba

Coconut Library Tool

Coconut Library Tool aims to be useful for librarians or anyone who needs cool features but is hindered by programming languages. Using this app librarians can perform (i) keyword stem, (ii) topic modeling, (iii) bidirected network, and (iv) sunburst

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Technological Advancements in Library Service Innovation

Technological Advancements in Library Service Innovation examines the recent activities of successful and groundbreaking research and practices around the world surrounding library service innovation and presents various forward-thinking initiatives. It also provides an overview of libraries’ successful experiences, identifies emerging global themes and trends, and offers guidance to library practitioners on how to pursue the recent trends in their own library environment. Covering topics such as technology adoption and organizational structures, this book is ideal for library professionals, researchers, academicians, instructors, and students.

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Text Mining for Information Professionals - An Uncharted Territory

This book explains the application of various text mining approaches on data retrieved from heterogeneous resources. It includes 14 case studies showing 8 different text mining and visualization approaches. It is also complemented by a Web site and a GitHub account containing code, data and Jupyter Notebooks for the case studies.

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Educational Videos

I have published few videos on my YouTube channel for teaching computational techniques (like topic modeling, text mining, predictive modeling), R, LaTex, and Reproducible Research.

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