Marketing of University College of Medical Sciences Library, University of Delhi: a Study

By 👩‍🔬Manika Lamba in Book Chapter 2019

January 6, 2018




The advent of Web 2.0 in libraries persuades the librarians to adopt new ways to communicate, determine and satisfy the needs of the users. For this study a questionnaire was given to the medical students of University College of Medical Sciences and another questionnaire was given to the librarian, to find out: the marketing and promotional strategies employed by the library; determine the awareness and satisfaction level of the users; prepare customer profile and market profile, and perform SWOT analysis. The data were coded and processed using GNU PSPP software. The findings of the study show that the library does not use any of the social platforms to market its products and services and most of the users are unaware of the services and products offered by the library. There are many opportunities for the library to work upon and improve the quality of products and services being offered to its users. Digital marketing is the latest marketing trend using web 2.0 tools but is rarely employed by academic health libraries in India.

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January 6, 2018
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Book Chapter 2019
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