Bibliometric Analysis of papers published during 1992 to 2019 in DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology

By K.C.Garg,👩‍🔬Manika Lamba, Rahul Kumar Singh in Article 2020

January 6, 2021




The study analyses papers published in DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology (DJLIT) using bibliometric techniques for the period of 1992-2019 (28 years) and citations received by these papers until 20th March 2020as reflected by Google Scholar. The study examined the pattern of growth, geographical distribution of the articles; identified the prolific authors & institutions, and their output; and the pattern of citations of the papers and identified most cited authors. The findings indicate that the highest number of articles was published during 2012-2015 followed by 2016-2019. The distribution of output by countries indicates that 39 countries contributed 1,698 articles, including India. Indian authors published the highest percentage (86.1 %) of articles followed by USA and had the highest value of CPP and RCI. Authors affiliated to different institutions of Delhi contributed the most (30.7 %) followed by Karnataka (13.1 %) and Maharashtra (10.5 %). Among the institutions, DRDO-DESIDOC and CSIR-NISTADS topped the list. Among the 26 most prolific authors, B.M. Gupta (CSIR-NISTADS) published the maximum number of articles. However, B.R. Babu (University of Madras, Chennai) had the highest value of CPP and RCI. During the studied period, 1,698 papers obtained 15,538 citations, of which 248 (14.6 %) articles did not receive any citation.

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January 6, 2021
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Article 2020
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