D/Misinformation on social media and the role of the LIS profession - A South Asian perspective

By Amara Malik, Syeda Hina Batool, Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Prasadi Kanchana Jayasekara, Reshma Dangol,👩‍🔬 Manika Lamba in Panel 2023

April 11, 2023



The spread of d/misinformation on social media poses serious threats to the social, cultural, political, and economic structures of human societies. This panel is designed to discuss the phenomenon of d/misinformation and fake news on social media, including the motives of its sharing and its impact on society. The panelists will also highlight the role of LIS professionals in educating society to assess the quality of online information before decision-making. Sponsored by the South Asia Chapter and bringing in voices from various South Asian countries and North America, the primary focus of the panel will be on the South Asian perspective in looking at d/misinformation. Synergizing multiple perspectives and firsthand experiences of experts and listeners on the contextual misinformation fact-checking phenomenon while focusing on South Asia, the panel should inform the viewpoints of listeners, while contributing towards the research and practice of information professionals, as well as towards institutional policies.

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April 11, 2023
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Panel 2023
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